Roulette is quite popular among casinos around the world. But, it has a very low winning percentage. However, with the right strategy, it is possible for you to get one over on roulette casinos. In fact, ever since online casinos came into existence, roulette have been one of the most popular games.


In order to better understand how players have the upper hand at online roulette, you need to understand how random number generators work. Since there’s no physical roulette wheel here, the casinos create artificial randomness.

RNG’s do exactly what their name suggests. They pick numbers that appear to be random. But, computer programs have limitations, and the numbers aren’t really random. In trying to truly be random, computer programs end up becoming predictable.


For example, if a red number hits, the probability of the next number being black is very high. This would not happen at real casinos. While this flaw is a huge one, it’s not wrong if you choose to exploit it.

So when picking your sets of numbers, go into the history of the board and see which numbers haven’t been hit recently. The longer it has been since the number was hit, the more the likelihood of it popping up now. You will have to wait a little in the beginning, but eventually, you will be able to start picking up sets.


This is the best strategy to get around online roulette. It can be used by players to constantly win money online. You can also use this strategy to play odd/even or the colours. The only difference is your payout is lower there.

One last thing, just remember to choose the roulette casino you are gambling at carefully. There are a lot of fraudulent casinos on the internet, and winning there would be pointless since you would never see the money in the first place.