If you’ve been gambling for enough time, you would have probably noticed a lot of the things that happen in casinos already. You would have been present for countless roulette wheel spins during your time in casinos too. But, all the time spent watching a roulette wheel spin, surely you were able to come up with some strategies too. No? Don’t worry, others have. We’ll be talking about precisely that right now.


Roulette has always, kind of, been looked at as a game for suckers. But, the truth is, roulette is actually far more predictable as compared to something like a deck of cards. This is because roulette wheels actually exhibit non-random patterns after a while, even though most people may think that they are random.


These patterns start forming trends. The first trend that you may observe is a pattern of “sames”. It may be the same colour on runs or even numbers on runs. They may also be low or high numbers. These are what you call non-random patterns.

Sometimes, the opposite may hold true. This trend is called chop patterns. Here, the colours are black, red, black, etc. Likewise, the numbers go even, odd, even, etc. This is another type of non-random pattern on roulette wheels.


Lastly, there’s the repeat pattern which can occur on any roulette wheel. The pattern could be decoded using the law of thirds. Record thirty-eight spins in a row on a roulette wheel and see that just 24-27 numbers are going to hit. This means that 11-14 of the spins are repeated. This happens like clockwork each time.

Use this law to your advantage as much as you possibly can. Get on repeat numbers whenever they start repeating. You can end up winning quite a lot this way too.